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Heritage is Important; BMW 328 Hommage

May 20, 2011

BMW’s brand new 328 Hommage concept is stunning.  I love when retro is revitalized, and modernized, to create wondrous things that remind us of times past, while offering performance and technology on par with the current trends.

Just…wow. Those two next to each other, I’m almost without words.  I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a better re conceptualization of a car, ever.  Ford did their best to modernize/revive the late ’60s Mustang style, but didn’t bring the technological refinement that BMW consistently offers. If BMW were to start building the 328 Hommage tomorrow, I have little doubt that they could easily sell out a full production run within weeks if not days.

Dat ass!!  SO FINE! The exterior isn’t the only thing to “wow” me either…the interior doesn’t fail to impress.

Everything has sleek curves and evokes the thought of waves, or leaves.  It all just flows together, and creates an incredible sort of fluid interior which looks simple, while also retaining a great deal of functionality.  Oh yeah, and those two watch-type things on the passenger’s side dash?

Two iPhones, encased in special stopwatch style mounts meant to aid the navigator/timer passenger, leaving the pure driving to the lucky soul behind the wheel of this utterly bespoke machine.  Just look at the carbon fiber molding, all around, beautiful.

That’s all for now, this one will be in my dreams tonight, without a doubt.

(P.S. all the images are hi-res so feel free to save them)

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